Outdoor Team Challenge
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Stanhope, New Jersey

Full and Half Day Team Building Programs

Team Building in the Great Outdoors

Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, Corporate Groups and many more

Outdoor Team Challenge facilitates teamwork, motivation and cooperation among all types of groups.  The program is held in a beautiful outdoor setting.  It utilizes our extensive challenge course which includes dozens of low and high course elements. Climbing and rappelling is also available on our climbing towers and natural rock areas. As your group works through the various elements under the guidance of our trained staff, they will accomplish more than they ever thought possible.  Come give us a try - we aim to exceed your expectations.

How would you like to . . . .

  • Motivate your employees to work better together and take bigger responsibilities
  • Improve communication and working atmosphere between departments
  • Integrate new team members
  • Foster leadership skills
  • Establish and develop a greater sense of trust and camaraderie among your team members
  • Reward your group with an out of the ordinary experience
  • Have fun and get to know each other in a different and enriching way

After one team building session, even your most inhibited colleagues will exhibit new strengths, courage, and confidence and bring them back to the workplace. This is anything but a typical business outing. It's a day at the office you won't want to miss.
LadderOur outdoor programs can help in the areas of communication, resource allocation, resource utilization, trust building, problem solving and much more. It also gives future leaders the chance to explore their capabilities in areas such as decision making, risk management, and goal setting.

We challenge people to reach their fullest potential. Participants are exposed to lessons and values that will last a lifetime. We teach teamwork, leadership, problem solving and communications to individuals and work groups.  This experience creates strong and lasting changes in behavior.  Learning takes place much faster and lasts longer when it is based on experiences.

Our program emphasizes the following goals

Communication: Encourages real learning of critical listening and discussion skills important for any group attempting to accomplish difficult tasks.

Teamwork: Team­work is the key that allows the group to meet a challenge successfully. The experience makes it clear that each individual can accomplish more as a member of team, than going it alone.

Trust FallTrust: Participants completing difficult tasks on the challenge course develop trust in staff members, the safety of the course, team members, and themselves.

Leadership: Leadership is given and assumed naturally, and can be expressed in many ways. Team members will have many opportunities to develop and exercise leadership skills.

Decision Making: Groups make decisions by developing one or more solutions to a problem, considering the available resources and alternatives, and evaluating the possible results.

Problem Solving: Challenges groups and individuals to develop solutions to interesting problems. Participants test their solutions and evaluate the results.

WallSelf Esteem: Meeting the challenges of the team building program allows individuals and groups to develop self esteem and encourages them to adopt challenging attainable goals.

Fun: We make sure fun is a major part of the program.  When you are having fun as you work through the challenges, it is much easier to accomplish the other goals.

It's the ultimate office excursion for your team, your company and yourself.  It really works!

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